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If that doesn't make your inner child squeal with delight, than you probably won't be as enamored as I am. Personally, what I like most about the watch is that the pirate theme is almost invisible. The embossed (or maybe printed) lume on the dial is invisible at normal distances:

Romain Jerome Rock The Rock DNA For Only Watch 2011 Watch Releases

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Longiness Saint Imier

Creating the cases required a combination of clever design to ensure structural integrity as well as precision machinery. Several years ago it was simply not possible to machine watches like this using the CNC machines available to the watch industry. Advanced milling technology that utilizes sophisticated multi-axis machines with ultra-low tolerances are the key to making watches like this. I recall wearing the original SpidoLite watch and finding the look of a skeletonized case very interesting on the wrist. While the SpidoLite II is only available in titanium for now, I anticipate models in perhaps gold to come later.

Christopher Ward C11 MSL MK1 Automatic Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews On the wrist, it's gorgeous. I got a lot of attention, and at least one of my friends has already bought his own after seeing it. Notice how the date window is there when you need it but inconspicuous.

Jacob & Co. Ghost Watch Hands-On Hands-On

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Longiness admiral

On the back of the watch is an engraving of the Titanic (as it would have looks on the ocean, not in the ocean). Look closely on the hull and you'll see the number of the watch in the limited edition. Most Titanic DNA pieces are limited to 2,012 pieces. In fact, all Romain Jerome watches are part of limited edition sets. This particular model in 18k red gold has the reference T.OXY3.2222.00.BB. Attached to the watch is a rubber strap with an RJ initial on it and a locking butterfly clasp in titanium and 18k red gold. It is one of those types that is made to look like a standard ardillon buckle, but is more complex that than when opened using pushers on the side of the buckle. I like the RJ logo cut into the titanium part of the clasp. I also think that the watch would look really nice on a black alligator or crocodile strap.

The overall design of the watch is based on the brand's classic piece called the Pierre Arpels watch - but this is a more modern and interesting version of that look. The case is 40mm wide, but feels large given it's high profile. Still, a medium-sized watch when seen in context. The case is water-resistant to 30 meters and has a sapphire crystal.

I spent time in Le Locle where Ulysee Nardin puts together the Freak and Freak Diavolo movements. All in-house made, these calibers are fun to watch being put together. For a brand so reliant of stately practicality and a sense of imperial style, the Freak makes for a slightly ironic Flagship product, which is really unique as an offering by the historic brand. It is an amusing contradiction and sign that the brand doesn't get too fussy with its own self image. In their own words "we are a product driven brand, not a marketing driven one."

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Replica Jaeger LeCoultre Reverso Classic Small Watches

* With new and improved audio quality thanks to Beau Hudspeth.

Japanese Miyota Targets Swiss ETA With Caliber 9000 Series Watch Movements

Japanese Miyota Targets Swiss ETA With Caliber 9000 Series Watch Movements

Chronoswiss Pacific Watches Hands-on Hands-On

For history buffs and those who like to dress-up with looks from the past, the Longines Column Wheel Chronograph is a suitable satisfier, especially given the reasonable price range of ,750 - ,950 for the steel versions of the watch. Longines

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TudorMini Sub

Hublot watches just announced that its charismatic and successful CEO Jean-Claude Biver has stepped down as the brand's CEO. I state this with sadness as Jean-Claude has not only been a friend but a very good example of what a Swiss watch CEO should be like. He is a master of marketing and collaborations. He not only knows how to save a brand but also how to make it something that the non watch news wants to cover. As a member of the press if there are two things I can say about him that all CEO's should aspire t0, then it would be his accessibility and involvement. Mr. Biver almost instantly responds to all e-mails and requests, and has a special talent for making each person he speaks to feel unique and important.

Ulysse Nardin Alexander The Great Minute Repeater Westminster Carillon Tourbillon Jaquemarts Watch Hands-On Hands-On

The 358 collection is a good sign because it shows Sinn increasing the sizes of a few of their core collection watches. In essence, the 358 is a larger version of the outgoing 356. At 42mm wide, the 358 offers a more modern and Western-appealing version of the 356's 38.5mm wide case. The case is done in bead-blasted steel and comes with an acrylic domed crystal. Why acrylic? Sinn claims it is better for shock-resistance, but they also thankfully offer a sapphire crystal as an option (standard on some models). Actually to be perfectly accurate each of the three 358 models have different "standard" parts. Though it seems as though most of those parts and features can be optioned around. Basically you can get the model 358 of your choice through Sinn easily enough via a special order.

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Replica Tag Heuer Heritage

New for Damasko is a model called the DA44 which will come in both a 42mm wide bead-blasted steel case and a black-coated steel case. This is when it starts to get interesting. The steel they use is one of those very hard materials that they claim is ice-hardened and nickel-free. It goes through a range of hardening techniques that I hear work pretty well. That and the steel is supposed to be really corrosion-resistant. The black coated model is said to be coated in "Damast." Not sure what that is, but I suspect it is some special PVD treatment. See more details below in the tech specs.

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Tag Heuer Monaco Watch Re-thought By Parsons School Of Design Watch Industry News

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Rolex Datejust watches

Whether you like them or not, they were an experiment, and one that crashed along with the global economy. New CEO Jean-Frederic Dufour has tacked back and is emphasizing in-house movements and classic designs. The 'striking 10th' at the top of this article is probably my favorite - high-beat movement, well-proportioned dial and enough touches of color to provide visual interest.

Distinctive features: 5N red gilded or white gold coated applied indexes

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Replica A lange Sohne

As I mentioned, the Master Collection Retrograde watch is available in many versions. Another option is Arabic numeral hour markers instead of the Roman numerals on this model. You should know this because even Longines' own Master Collection Retrograde watch micro-website doesn't make it clear how many models there are in the growing collection. I recommend these as nice looking classically styled timepieces that don't require a ludicrous amount of cash to own. Even as a classic watch it makes for a nice daily wear (though lume would have been nice). Price for this enjoyable Master Collection Retrograde watch from Longines is a reasonable ,200.

HYT Watch Teaser – Who Are The Hydro Mechanical Horologists?

HYT Watch Teaser – Who Are The Hydro Mechanical Horologists?

The Precisionist is a sort of sub-line under Bulova right now as each of them have the same movements. Right now there is really only one Precision movement (or movement style), but I have a feeling in time there will be more. Thus, all Precisionist watches will have both "Bulova" and "Precisionist" on the dial - but also fall into their own collections. This piece for example is in the Precisionist Champlain collection and is the model reference # 96B132. I'd like to thank WatchCo.com - who have a nice collection of Bulova Precision watches (among others) available - for supplying this review piece.

Nubeo Jellyfish Arctic Snowmobile Adventure Chronograph Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

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Replica Patek Philippe Watches

Fine Time With Seiko Watches In Arizona Shows & Events

Also immediately noticeable is the anti-reflective coating used. In a first for Christopher Ward, the C11 has it applied to the outside of the flat sapphire crystal, which is more effective at stopping glare. The off-axis blue tint implies a single-layer magnesium fluoride treatment, which should be fairly durable to abrasion and wear. Inner A/R is immune to wear, but much less effective so I applaud their choice here. On-axis the crystal just vanishes:

As really cool feature (especially for a lot of people I know) is the "find my phone" tool. Given that your watch is in Bluetooth range of your smartphone (maybe 30 feet), you will be able to have your phone ring if you can't find it. This is good if the phone is dropped under a seat in the car, long in a bag, or caught somewhere in bed covers.

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