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Regular readers of mine know that I get a kick out of spotting watches in TV shows and movies. A regular viewer of Lost, I have always been curious to know what watch was being worn by Matthew Fox's character Jack Shephard. Of course, while on the island he does not wear a watch, but back in civilization in Los Angeles, he is always seen the watch watch. The show producers are loathe to give the watch much camera time. In fact, the only watch that was given attention was the Rolex Daytona that Jin was carrying as a business gift in season 1. But I digress. A few episodes ago (in the final season, maybe episode 3 or so) I was caught off guard as the camera gives Jack's wrist a closeup as he checks the time. Why the chronograph was running in the shot I don't know, but that glimpse was enough for me to spot the brand - Porsche Design.

The back 0f the watch doesn't have an engraving, but rather a special plate to honor each of the 1000 pieces in the limited edition set. The colors of the watch are done in ocean blue and a high contrasting orange. It makes for a neat look, and a very easy to read dial. You can see for yourself. The Oris Great Barrier Reef watches comes on their standard rubber diver strap with metal deployment. Though I think that the steel bracelet is also available for the watch.

Prices of the Tiffany watches here range from roughly ,000 - ,000 (more for models in gold or with diamonds). Perhaps you agree that all of these designs look like watches at those price levels. Personally? I think the designs are cool, but entry-level, fashion market cool. Tiffany isn't about 'cool,' it is a bout good taste and refinement. These watches for the most part are not that. I have high hopes that Tiffany & Co. in the future and hope that they start seeing the design and poise that their brand demands, and partnership with Swatch allows for.

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As you saw in the previous article, the partnership with Adventure Ecology and Plastiki led to IWC developing a limited edition Ingenieur watch in steel. IWC has now released an addition piece, but in platinum. It will be auctioned off for charity to support the efforts of Adventure Ecology. With a reserve price of 30,000 euros, it is unclear just how much the solid platinum Adventure Ecology Ingenieur watch will go for. Bidding is now open, and you can enter a bid yourself at the Plastiki website here. The auction will end on August 7th, 2010. Visit the site for more details and to bid.

Devon Tread 1 Watch Hands-On

Devon Tread 1 Watch Hands-On

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21,600 vibrations/hour

I also want to say something about the Tissot T-Race watch. As seen in a vacuum, it is a bit of a funny looking timepiece. Strange-ish design and dimensions visually, it really comes to life in person, and on the wrist. Just one of those watches you need to slop on yourself before being totally sold on it. I was skeptical the first few times I saw it, but have since come to appreciate its significant sporty (and motorcycle) character. Even the limited edition models are under 00, with is a good deal for just such a Swiss watch. Until the next MotoGP event... I'll be hearing those engines in my ears.

Giveaway: Pulsar By Seiko Men’s Automatic Watch

Giveaway: Pulsar By Seiko Men’s Automatic Watch

See my Baume & Mercier Classima Executives Magnum XXL watch article on here.

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Something about a retro map of the globe on the face of a watch that is cool. TX certain was "retro inspired" in the design of the 530 Series World Time Airport Lounge watch. The latter part of the name referring to the fact that back when air travel was still a somewhat glamorous event, airport lounges often had stylized maps of the world - often with indications of what time it was all over the globe. When the "world became smaller" and travel more accessible to pajama pants wearing travelers, flying started to suck. You pretty much need to be on a private jet or fly business class these days to travel with any sense of dignity.

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While it would have been really cool to see a Benzinger engraved rotor on this watch, it instead has a Porsche Club of America logo on the sapphire caseback window of the watch. The colors alone make the watch sweet, buy the price is a bit steep at ,500. Still, for the limited nature of the watch and the price that Porsche Club of America members have, I know these will sell like mad. If you are a member, look for them starting in September.

Breitling Chronoliner watches

Just launched is this brand new and car. The car I will cover briefly, and the watch is the newest timepiece made and developed by Parmigiani to continue the Swiss luxury watch brand's relationship with the ultra-high end car maker. The watch is called the Parmigiani Bugatti Super Sport and is an evolution of the Bugatti Type 370 watch collection - just like the new Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Super Sport is an evolution on the standard (relatively speaking) Veyron. Available with an all carbon fiber body, the Super Sport is a sleeker, higher performance version of the car which is already the worlds most powerful and fastest supercar.

Thankfully, we now have a Submariner with the famous Rolex Glide-Lock clasp. This gives the bracelet clasp a special micro-adjust ability that gives it a very precise fit. Plus, you can change the size as often as you like for tighter or looser days. Rolex isn't the first to have a special bracelet clasp like this, but they do it oh so well. Inside the watch is the same invincible 3135 automatic COSC Chronometer certified movement. Not much to say there, there are few better three-hand date movements out there. It is of course 100% made and designed by Rolex. Price for the new Submariner watches hasn't been released yet, but I suspect they will be almost identical to the outgoing models. Look for them in stores soon watch lovers. The new piece might not be a monumental upgrade, but that isn't watch Rolex does. They just keep making their good stuff better.

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By the way, I think this is an official White House press image. So I am not sure who to credit for it. Here is the link to the original large image of Flickr. Seems to be uploaded by "The White House." So let's just credit the US government for this photo.

Bell & Ross Vintage BR 123 & 126 Heritage Watches

Bell & Ross Vintage BR 123 & 126 Heritage Watches

It is the morning in Switzerland during the summer. Whatever you may say about Switzerland, you can’t claim it isn’t a beautiful place. I am sitting next to Mr. Biver on the way to the office. Two of his boys are in the back seat of the Porsche. No worries, it is the sedan. JCB is bringing them to work as well. It is the summer, and as school is out, they are bringing skateboards and hanging out at Hublot. JCB describes Hublot as a family and explains his managements style. He wants a close level of connection between his employees and the perception that everyone is their own boss. He moves his hand in straight line to explain that there isn’t a hierarchy at the brand. People all have different roles, and the only boss is himself. He doesn’t say it, but I have feeling his personal management style doesn’t involve micro managing. He simply sets expectations from people, and for the most part, gives them the freedom to produce as they see fit. “We are a start-up,” JCB declares about Hublot. While the brand isn’t new, its success is. It has had about 5 years of boom, and as far as JCB seems to be concerned, the brand’s life before him doesn’t count.

So the clever engineers at Casio devised the PAW-5000. I can't say with absolute certainly that this is the first Pathfinder watch with analog hands, but it is the first that I am aware of. It has all the bell & whistles you expect in these watches, with the addition of analog hangs, and a Casio Tough Movement (Tough Mvt.). So what is a tough movement? It is a special quartz movement that helps keep the hands perfectly aligned after times of physical shock. I first wrote about it here, so click that link to learn more. Pretty much something you need to having with a rugged watch like this. One of the benefits of the movement is that hands are always perfectly aligned (that I have found), which is a big plus for a quartz watch in my book.

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The Magrette saga continues with two new watches. These new pieces serve a very specific purpose. They offer the beauty of Magrette's hand-done Maori style engraving, but in a more subtle manner. Allowing most of the visible PVD black case to be masculine and strong in appearance. Each comes in a limited edition set of just 25 pieces. There is just one master engraver responsible for each piece.

H. Moser & Cie Perpetual 1 Watch Watch Releases

- Screwed case back with wide sapphire crystal, limited edition number


Citizen Eco-Drive World Perpetual AT Watches Watch Releases

This is a working prototype of Bathys' upcoming Bomb Timer watch - and it is very cool. I want to make two things clear from the start. First, as I said, this is a prototype, and will undergo a few changes before production. This includes aspects of the case, dial, and movement finishing. So again, this is a test... this is only a test. Second, the name Bomb Timer (while open to interpretation) has a very specific meaning. You'll see in the images below, a small vintage Hamilton clock that was mounted in cockpits, and other areas of bomber planes. These small clocks were bomb timers, and provided necessary timing information to bomb drop operates to know exactly when to release their payload. Pre computer and GPS bombing was a pain when trying to hit specific targets, especially when in cloudy skies. Thus precising timing instrumentation was required when attempting to hit targets with an accuracy much of the time.

Devon Tread 1 Watch Hands-On Hands-On

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Shaped case: 36.0 x 50.7 mm, height 22.7 mm.
Material: 18 ct white gold. Polished and satin finish.
Water resistance: 10 m.
Six anti-reflective sapphire crystals. Metallised front and top crystal on the outer edge.
Single dynamometric crown for time setting and winding.
Individual number engraved on the case-back.

Chopard L.U.C Engine One Tourbillon Watch Hands-On Hands-On

If you think about it, Porsche Design diver's watches are rare. In fact, this is only the brand's second dive watch. The first was the Ocean 2000, and that was made by IWC and came out in the early 1980s. That was a really fantastic watch actually. Of course, the Porsche Design Diver is something totally different compared to the previous diver from almost 30 years ago.

Rolex Explorer II

This new limited edition watch from Charmex's CX Swiss Military Watch is the Hurricane, and is dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the Battle of Britain! For a neutral country, Switzerland has a lot of "military" stuff, and likes to commemorate battles. Why did I just realize how ironic that was? So, German failure in 1940 has given this Swiss company the ability to make a cool watch. If only they new how much defeat meant back then...

Erwin Sattler Thesaurus - Ultimate Watch Lover's Desk Luxury Items

We talk about my trip to Audemars Piguet, being on a boat!, the Hublot King Power F1 Monza, and the long (long) awaited released of the Harry Winston Opus 3 watch.