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This specific watch is the Seiko Sportura Kinetic Direct Drive SRG017 (aka the SRG017P1) with a lovely blue dial and bezel. Seiko produces two other versions of this Seiko Sportura Kinetic Direct Drive with a black dial and bezel (the SRG019, aka SRG019P1), and one with a black IP-coated case and black dial that comes on a perforated leather strap (the SRG021, or SRG021P1). The polished steel black-dialed SRG019 is perhaps going to be the most popular (because black does with everything), but I want people to strongly consider the Sportura SRG017 in blue. Not only are the hands very high-contrast, which makes for great legibility, but it does such a good job of being both rich and attractive. One of the major issues with many blue-dialed watches is that, while I really want to like them, often times I find myself opting for black dials instead.

By considering the sensors available in the Apple Watch and the fact that one can download apps for it, the potential utility of the smartwatch is really endless. My prediction is that in the next few years, there will be a number of smartwatches available which will have features most people will really want to incorporate into their lives.

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The watch has a ETA 2834-2 movement. Other than the Hamilton logo engraved on the rotor, there is nothing special about it. Plain Jane, but functional. After owning two variants of the day/date ETA movement, I have to say that I like the accuracy, the ability to hand wind, and the snappiness of the day/date indicator changes exactly at midnight. The advertised 40 hour reserve is fine for a daily wear watch, but if you are like me and take your watch off on the weekend, then you will have to wind and set the watch again on Monday. This is a sort of ritual for me, and I can set the time day/date quite quickly at this point, so it is not a big deal. Letting the watch run out weekly does impact my ability to observe long term accuracy, but from Monday through Friday, I see no noticeable discrepancy.

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Back in May, we brought you word of a new watch from Ball with a very tricky method of ensuring resistance to magnetism. At the time, we could not bring you any live pictures, as the watch was not quite ready. That's changed now, so read on for our hands on impressions with the Ball Engineer II Magneto S.

People who enjoy 3D printing as a hobby tend to like mechanical things, and you know what that means - a lot of them are going to be watch guys. Even Bre Pettis, the founder of Makerbot (probably the most popular producer of 3D printers for consumers) is a big watch lover. The 3D printing universe has opened up a world of very interesting possibilities in the realm of horology. While 3D printed watches aren't a glorious reality yet, we've seen an number of developments over the last year, such as the 3D Printed Tourbillon here (which you can buy). Now, check out this 300% Rolex Submariner watch designed and produced by Franc Falco as an homage to his own personal Rolex Submariner.

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In his lifetime, George Daniels created a total of 23 pocket watches and 4 wrist watches – along with a series of over 50 "Millennium Watches," which, like this Anniversary series, were also mostly produced by Roger Smith. That still is an extremely, extremely limited production run for a lifetime's worth of work. Admittedly, Daniels' approach was to always try and create something very new that challenged him greatly, as opposed to create iterations of a previous achievement – which is one of the primary reasons for that very limited amount of watches that produced.

Hands-On With The George Daniels 35th Anniversary Watch By Roger Smith Hands-On

Just looking over the watch I continue to be impressed by the thin rotating timing bezel and the larger-feeling dial. The pushers and crown are precision detailed and the overall look and feel is top notch for Oris. Attached to the case is a perforated racing-style leather strap with a titanium deployant buckle.

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Westime: Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore.

HourTime Show Watch Podcast Episode 166

HourTime Show Watch Podcast Episode 166

The Louis Moinet Mecanograph does away with most restrictions that seem to have applied to dress watches: its case is wide and thick, the half-faced dial is bold and unique, and the first impression it makes is a powerful one that lacks subtlety. Nevertheless, thanks to its elaborate details, mono-chromatic looks, and beautiful finishing, not only does it not look awkward, but rather it works wonderfully with more formal attire. Coming up now is a review of this half-faced dress watch and its more interesting details.

For me, motivated by my new-found knowledge of the brand, the first pick was to start off with the Ernst Benz display. I wanted to see more of their watches & get some background from the man himself. Hearing him breakdown the different models, options, & variations was mind boggling. I sort of knew watches, but listening to Leonid made me feel like I never picked one up. His appreciation for his craft gets transferred on to you, and thanks to that, I'll never look at watches the same again.

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The Junghans Max Bill design has stayed true to its origins, and has luminescent dots at 3, 6 and 9 o'clock and a double dot at 12 o'clock, ensuring that the pure dial is easily legible in the dark. The two automatic Junghans Max Bill models are offered in either a slate-grey dial and beige-colored calfskin strap combination, or in what Junghans calls jet black. Junghans also offers Junghans Max Bill watches in quartz, and has had a lot of success with the quartz-powered Junghans Max Bill ladies watches. Based on that success, they're launching a men's model called the Junghans Max Bill Quarz. The quartz watches will be available with dials in white, matte silver-plate, or a dark dial with sunray cut.

Jorg Hysek: Aesthetics is obviously one of the key factors for the consumer, as I am well placed to testify. To date, the smartwatch industries have focused on technological evolutions, somewhat like with the early computers. But once the technology has been stabilised, aesthetic creativity will soon gain the upper hand. It’s not hard for these electronic giants to recruit talented designers.

You'll notice that many of these Bulova watch ads discuss Accutron. It was 1960 that Bulova originally debuted the Bulova Accutron watch collection - a timepiece that made use of a then novel technology; the tuning-fork based movement. This electronic predecessor to quartz was the first major step in vastly improving timekeeping accuracy and was a huge hit for Bulova for about a decade, until quartz movement technology became more available, after its initial debut in 1967 by Seiko - and later a few Swiss watch brands. Accutron was among the first major advancements the watch industry had seen since its efforts to miniaturize and mass produce mechanical movements for use in wrist versus pocket watches.

Cool Vintage Bulova Watch Advertisments, Plus Brand President Interview Feature Articles
Bulova Sea King: Advertisement For A Popular Name In Waterproof Sports Excellence (1959)
Cool Vintage Bulova Watch Advertisments, Plus Brand President Interview Feature Articles
Bulova Oceanographer Snorkel: Advertisement For A True Drive Watch From 1969. The Snorkel Style Has Been Revived In A New Collection By The Same Name Within The Bulova Accutron II Brand

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One of the features I really miss from the Eterna KonTiki Diver that is missing in the Porsche Design P'6780 Diver is a power reserve indicator on the dial. I not only happen to be fond of automatic watches with power reserve indicators, but also love them on diver watches. Since you are going full on with the diving fantasy when you wear a watch like this, it is worth considering that underwater, you need your watch to operate and can't really afford to let it run out. Also, it isn't going to automatically wind as much there as it would while you are on land given fewer and slower arm movements.

About a day of battery life is what you should be able to expect from the Apple Watch. While Apple hasn't outright said it yet, pulling together various statements they have made, as well as direct statements made to me, I am positive you will need to charge your Apple Watch at least once a day. Interestingly enough, the prototype operating system of the Apple Watch I saw didn't have a battery indicator on it yet. I am not even totally sure how Apple will display this information, even though there is a "power reserve indicator" on some of the watch dials they debuted.

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ManchesterWatchWorks TatoskoQ Review - Your Next Semi-Custom Diver? Wrist Time Reviews

Of course, The World's Most Expensive Watches book does not include ALL watches priced over 0,000. Logically, I needed to curate a telling selection of important models from over the last 15 years or so. The timepieces included are mostly new and are all men's wrist watches, but also included are some notable vintage timepieces sold at auction during that period. In all, The World's Most Expensive Watches is meant to capture the essence of what the most valuable timepieces in the world embody in our modern age.

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Fiona Krüger Skull Watch Hands-On