OMEGA Speedmaster Mark III

This setup, sometimes called twin time or simply dual time zones, is less useful when traveling, as you have to essentially reset the entire watch when you land, often requiring a local time display (or time as relayed, often incorrectly, by the flight crew) to ensure the accuracy of the setting. Once set, a second time zone-style GMT will give you the same information, it's just not tailored for travelling.

In the prototype, the handset was skeletonized and just about appropriately sized to the scale of the 45mm titanium case. In the production variant, though, the hands have gotten smaller, and the open ends have been filled in. Now, the fill, that I can understand a bit, if they were more concerned about getting good nigh time lume. Shrinking the hands, though, that I can't explain, and to me, they just now feel way undersized. That said, the hands are about all I can find wrong with the piece (at least from afar).

Chanel produced a very lovely video to go with the launch of the J12 Moonphase collection. Unfortunately, it has very little to do with phases of the moon. Chanel is first and foremost a fashion company and they full-well know that moon phase complications are more emotional than practical. I usually don't like "hand style" versus "disc style" moon phase indicators, but Chanel did a lot here to make their moon phase indicator dial very beautiful, and easy to read. Borrowing from a number of classic timepieces, they use a serpentine-style hand against an aventurine dial. Aventurine is a sparkly blue stone that does a good job of mimicking the night sky. I was happy to see it used here and feel that it was a smart and high-class aesthetic choice for Chanel.

At 43mm wide, the steel case is in PVD black and contains a skeletonized Japanese Miyota automatic movement (a caliber 8N24). Some of the movement can be viewed through an open window on the dial, and more of it via the sapphire crystal case back window on the rear of the watch. The Shade Black is water resistant to 200 meters (pretty good for a causal watch), and comes on a black leather strap with deployant clasp. Retail price for the limited edition of 50 pieces Egard Shade Black is ,295 and you can enter for a chance to win one below.

Watch Winner Announced: Gc GC-3 Automatic Giveaways

While it is not obvious at first, Kun-Chi Wu, who designed the Grand Cru, was inspired by wine. The design and theme of the timepiece are all about it. "Grand Cru" is actually "great growth" in French and is also a regional wine classification- so that is where the watch name comes from. The shape of the case when looking at it from the side is inspired by wine glasses, and the seconds hand is inspired by the look of a corkscrew. Having said that, the most interesting design feature of the Grand Cru is something entirely different.

Regardless of the dial color, or your choice of wrist retainment, this looks like a very cleanly styled watch, perfect for those who prefer minimal clutter showing up in their watches. I'd say it's also a good fit for anyone who's spent time (or still does) in a precision machine shop, as they'll pick up on the references quite easily. The M29 Classic is available now, for a price of ,899 (on leather) or $1,999 (on stainless steel).

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Hublot Big Bang UNICO 45mm Watch Hands-On: Story Of The Bigger Bang

Hublot Big Bang UNICO 45mm Watch Hands-On: Story Of The Bigger Bang

The Rotonde Earth And Moon watch is a visually beautiful creation that relies upon one of my favorite stones; lapis lazuli. The glimmering blue rock makes up much of the dial as a backdrop to the skeletonized 18k white gold section that makes up most of the indicators and markers. Lapis Lazuli always has a very "celestial" quality to it that always seems at home on watch dial. Especially one that is as astronomically themed as this one. The tourbillon/moon sits adjacent to an image of the earth above which is in the center of the time dial. It makes for a nice effect and visually attractive display.

The Officer’s Day/Date Mechanical is a heck of a watch. At around 0 (or less, if you look around) it’s in a pretty competitive price point, but I’d imagine it blows most of the competition out of the water. This is a well-made, well-finished, classic, dependable watch. Nothing gimmicky. It just works. It may not be the most interesting watch in the world, but it’s incredibly practical and plenty good looking. It’s really grown to be a favorite in my collection. A million thanks to Victorinox and aBlogtoWatch for this beautiful piece. I couldn’t be happier.

Wanna Sell Your Watch? Right Now Could Be The Time

Wanna Sell Your Watch? Right Now Could Be The Time

The movement inside of the Poker watch is both more simple and more complicated than we originally anticipated when we previewed the new watch. We stated that it would allow the user to play a game of Poker against the watch itself. That is still true if you wish to play alone, but the system is actually designed for up to three players. The game of course is Texas Hold 'em, and Claret chose it because it reduces the internal complexity of the system. Having said that, the in-house made PCK05 automatic movement still contains 655 parts, 72 jewels, a collection of ball bearings, and it even operates at a modern frequency of 28,800 bph while maintaining a power reserve of 72 hours.

Richard now lives in Hawaii. He spent much of his life living in San Francisco, and several years ago quit the retail business to (as I understand it) semi-retire. In regards to, well that is a long and complex story. was the biggest and most important website of its kind during its heyday. It became too much for one person to handle (as I completely understand given my running of aBlogtoWatch) and Paige sold to, who later sold it to Antiquroum (a large horology-focused auctioneer). The of today is not really the same as what it used to be, and back then it was very much a maverick of open and often controversial discussion on watches. Anyhow, that is the past. Let's discuss the Wrocket.

We discussed their "firsts" at the time of their debuts; both Citizen's Satellite Wave and the Seiko Astron GPS Solar, and we were blown away by the state-of-the-art technology that these two giants have independently developed. At Baselworld 2014, Ariel went hands-on with Seiko's latest and finest version of their top of the line GPS signal calibrated wristwatch, the Seiko Astron GPS Solar Chronograph, so let's see what this new flagship line of watches has to offer.

10 meters mean that I can't shower with it?!? 200 meters but not ISO-certified means that it shouldn't be used for diving? 1500 meters without a helium escape valve, and no special gaskets or case design? How is that possible?

The date display is my only problem with this otherwise excellent watch. It looks like a bit of an afterthought, fitted at three in a manner that cuts into the three marker, likely due to the width of the movement vs the width of the dial. Along with the somewhat awkward placement on the dial, the date display is black text on a white background and on an otherwise entirely black watch, I feel a white on black wheel might have been a more balanced choice.

What Is SIHH? A Major Watch Industry Show & What It Means

What Is SIHH? A Major Watch Industry Show & What It Means

In the 1960s, Seiko released its first Astron-named watch that was both legendendary and infamous in the watch world. While a few other companies were working on quartz movement technology, the Seiko Astron was the first commercially released quartz watch (something that was wonderful to the industry, though highly disruptive to traditional mechanical watchmakers). A few years ago, Seiko released a modern version of the first Astron watch as a limited edition, but the name was quickly adopted for a new generation of innovative timepieces with the 2012 Astron.  Technically, this new watch is just called "Astron," which in my opinion, is confusing. I feel that a better option would be to call it the Astron GPS, or something similar to help distinguish it.

More surprises come in the form of the movement. Entirely made by hand and exclusively by Thomas Prescher himself, the movement is both an automatic and tourbillon-based. Bi-axial tourbillon actually. The tourbillon spins in two directions, with each being in 60 second rotations. The tourbillon is visible through the front of the case and it makes for a pretty awesome view in the entirely see-through case.

The name Molnar Fabry might be alien to you, but if you fan of skeletonized watches, you should take note of this name right now. Started by two jewelers, Michal Molnar and Igor Fabry, Molnar Fabry is a brand that specializes in creating unique skeleonized timepieces using heavily modified base movements from ETA, Unitas and others. The two make no more than eight watches a year and it often takes weeks, if not months, to finish a watch. As such, we would expect the level of detailing and craftsmanship is very high, and during a visit to their workshop in Banska Bystrica, which is nestled in the Slovakian countryside, we were not disappointed.

Many are perplexed and puzzled when we say that there is no one best watch brand and that, no, we do not have a favorite timepiece. Asking us to pick a favorite watch, one that we would gladly wear for the rest of our lives, is like asking which leg we would rather lose. There’s simply no answer. If you still have trouble understanding this concept, perhaps it is best that you read Ariel’s recent commentary.

A little color can go a long way. Rolex has proved that time and time again, but with the GMT-Master II Day/Night they also showed-off a new feat of in-house developed technology. Several years ago the new Rolex GMT-Master II watch debuted with a ceramic black bezel. Now it comes in a perfectly dual-colored black and blue bezel. This is a single piece of ceramic that has two colors. Rolex uses a unique process to accomplish this, and was the first one to market with dual color ceramic parts. The Day/Night is a thematic homage to the famous red and blue Pepsi dial GMT-Master which Rolex may also release in the future once they are able to do the same with blue and red ceramic. Until then, this remains among the coolest new Rolex watches to own. Price is about ,150.

Ulysse Nardin Freak Cruiser

Whether you are like me, and seek to delve deeper into the sociological significance of calling out poorly appointed pop culture symbols on their replica timepieces, or you just think it is fun to see people squirm when someone makes them answer for the fake watches they are wearing, the FakeWatchBuster is a worthy stop on your daily media consumption journey - especially for watch aficionados like us. aBlogtoWatch spoke with the FakeWatchBuster interviewing him about the most common fake watches and other advice from the defender of all that is horologically authentic.

It isn't that Rolex and Seiko make the same product. That isn't true at all, but rather that Seiko genuinely does offer some excellent watches worthy of your ,000 - ,000 timepieces investments. So, let's take a look at this new Ananta. First of all, as a limited edition it is also meant to celebrate Seiko's 100th Anniversary. At 42.8mm wide the steel case is nicely polished and attractive. It still has some of the original Ananta style based on Japanese swords, but isn't nearly as wild. As I said above, that is a shame. Even though Seiko made a much more conservative product, they removed some of the soul of the brand. Yes conservative means more buyers, but doesn't Seiko have enough conservative pieces (i.e. Grand Seiko)?

The BRABUS SV12 luxury watch safe comes with 12 watch winders and a design reminiscent of BRABUS supercars. The drawers are lined with red Alcantara leather, while the BRABUS logo is on the safe handle. While all Stockinger safes are made of high-grade metal, the interior cabinetry is produced from wood, carbon fiber, and leather. At its heart, the BRABUS SV12 is a device made for storage and security, though it is produced entirely from passions. With reliability in mind, all Stockinger safes are VDS tested and awarded the high-level VDS III security rating.

There can be no doubt in that watches are larger today than they have ever been. The exact reasons behind this trend however are more difficult to point out, as numerous different factors affect this complex issue. Read on to find out what these reasons are and to participate in the heated discussion that this topic has provoked!

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Hublot MP-05 LaFerrari Ferrari Titanium Yellow Watch Hands-On Hands-On

It came in gold, it came in titanium, and now the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore Tourbillon Chronograph watch comes in platinum. A timepiece like this sits in the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore hall of kings. It isn't the most exclusive Royal Oak Offshore ever made, but those people who are fortunate to own one have probably succeeded in making a range of other uncommonly cost-intensive purchases in life. I say this because to go from wearing a Royal Oak Offshore Chronograph to a Royal Oak Offshore Tourbillon Chronograph is a serious leap in one's development as a watch wearer. So what is this rare watch all about?