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Aside from the slightly disorientating outer dial on one version, the Commander II is a fine looking and legible watch. I would have liked to see a few more elements of the original if it were up to me (which sadly it rarely is). Those elements include the more squared hour markers as well as the classic Mido logo, which has a lot more soul than the industrial looking modern interpretation of Mido-ness. I can easily live without the mesh metal bracelet. The 1960s can keep those.

The Kendrick case is water resistant to 100 meters and has a sapphire crystal. The rear-mounted exhibition window is mineral crystal - probably because of its non-round shape. Ordering sapphire crystals in non-round shapes gets very expensive. Inside the watch is a SWISS ETA 2824 automatic movement, which is the same as the Xetum Stinson models.

This is an exclusive first look at a new Breitling limited edition version of the Avenger Seawolf dive-style watch called the Avenger Seawolf Code Yellow. There isn't too much different here compared to the standard Avenger Seawolf aside from the black-coated steel case and yellow accents, but the design certainly his a sweet spot mixing military style with serious diver functionality. Breitling watch lovers will also recognize that the Avenger Seawolf  Code Yellow is a modern three-hand version of the popular older limited edition Breitling Super Avenger Blacksteel Chronograph watch (pictured below).

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Daniel Strom Angelus Watch

Daniel Strom Angelus Watch

During my visit, I was able to see the base plate being cut, machined, then worked to finally produce the curved foundation of the watch.  As you can see in the picture above, it was a little weird to hold it in my hands as I am only familiar with flat base plates. This one however felt like a normal base plate that had been melted in the middle and deformed. Still, even at this stage, the curve of the watch can be felt by running your fingers over the base plate.

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Using a similar case that is also 44mm wide in steel, the Chrono Hawk removes the rotating diver's bezel opting for a more simple brushed bezel. You can really see the Laureato in the Chrono Hawk design right? By the way, the new custom case-fitted strap is pretty nice. More and more we are moving to a world where buying a third-party strap just isn't possible anymore as each high-end watch tends to have their own custom strap or bracelet. Having said that, the design benefits are often worth it. On the dial, the Chrono Hawk offers a similar style as the Sea Hawk, but with different hands, hour markers, and a unique set of chronograph sub dials. While the hands are richly lumed, the chronograph hands are not. As a sport watch, it would have been nice to be able and read the chronograph in the dark. Compared to the diver, this model is water resistant to 100, versus 1000 meters. Look for the new Sea Hawk and Chrono Hawk watches from Girard-Perregaux in 2013. Prices are ,350 for the standard Sea Hawk models, ,500 for the Foreverglades Sea Hawk, and ,800 for the Chrono Hawk

The four escapements running together act to help average out the rate results and amplitude of the movement. Put at diagonal angles facing into the dial they are quite beautiful to see. I think making this a quadruble tourbillon would have been too much. Even though there is so much going on where the dial is, it isn't hard to find the face of the watch to read the time.

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GIVEAWAY: Delma Santiago Blue Shark

GIVEAWAY: Delma Santiago Blue Shark

The bracelet, a 24mm design tapering to 22mm, is just gorgeous. Only the beveled edges and sides are polished. Looks great on the wrist. This is a dress diver, so a thinner double deployant is a sensible design decision.

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Memorigin Military Tourbillon MO 0707 Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

As stated, what I like most about Memorigin is their decent movements and confidence to create resolutely proud Chinese pieces. Memorigin also does some good looking engraving and decorative work on their movements. Even on their most simple models the plate under the tourbillon is decorated and most all of their movements are thoroughly engraved and skeletonized. It makes the watches feel like a good bang for your buck in terms of features and design.

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Is there an easier way to replace my watch bands? I've bought watch tools and even tried making my own. But getting the pins out of the lugs is still a chore. Any Cheats on how to do it?

A handsome and sporty design, and in many ways I'm glad that the KonTiki was the first watch to use the Calibre 39, being the only signature line of Eterna that is easily associated to the brand by watch geeks. And since the KonTiki name is associated with the legendary sea voyage of Norwegian explorer and writer Thor Heyerdahl and so recalls the image of travel, this watch then, with the chosen complication, hits the right note because nothing is more useful to a traveler than GMT.

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MSJ: Well, my ultimate goal is to make a watch. I've been working on a design for a few years now, but all the logistics and engineering make it hard to dive straight into. Straps were something I could make right away, an inroad to my ultimate goal. The 'eureka' moment came after I purchased a Seiko Flight Computer, which had a wonderfully made watch head but a flimsy bracelet. I imagined the type of band that would bring the piece to its full potential, then set out to try and make it.

It should come as no surprise that I write about watches in the magazine. The magazine is also both in English and Chinese. A fellow guest editor is actually Dr. Andrew Weil who is a really well-known doctor who writes books about healthy living. He is a cool guy and was actually a professor at the University of Arizona while I was going there. Anyhow, my recommendation to luxury loving Singaporeans is to go out... and get High.

How Ulysse Nardin Beautifully Makes Watches Part 1

How Ulysse Nardin Beautifully Makes Watches Part 1

Romain Jerome Steampunk Chrono Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

Each of the watches will come in Bell & Ross' 46mm wide BR 01 case in steel with a black PVD coating. The  BR 01-92 Heading Indicator uses discs rather than hands to indicate the time. The concept is identical to that of the Compass or Radar watches. The only difference is the graphical design. Inside the watch is a base Swiss ETA 2892 automatic movement.

Pretty soon, high-end Geneva-based watch maker Urwerk, will release a watch that includes their new EMC mechanical movement - a mechanism that will no doubt appear ironic and perhaps insane to those not acquainted with the passions that drive the mechanical watch industry. In short, the EMC blurs the lines between mechanical and quartz timing regulation in an amusingly obsessive way that points to the sheer limits of how much your average watch aficionado is willing to endure. Urwerk calls the EMC the first "mechanical smart watch movement," so let's find out what it is all about.

George Daniels is regarded as one of the greatest watchmakers of all time and his work has its deserved place in watchmaking history amongst the finest and most influential. One of his greatest accomplishments is known by millions around the world thanks to Omega, who feature his co-axial escapement in most of their watches (which they bought from him at a rather meager sum). Though his famous treatise on how to make watches ("Watchmaking") is among his most popular written works. The story goes that when young watchmakers would seek out his help or ask to be his apprentice, he would merely suggest to them that they read Watchmaking and all of their questions would be answered.

Detailing on the Calibre Chronograph is quite nice and it is a great way to enjoy the little touches Cartier offers (good bracelet, sapphire crystal cabochon, and good look dial) in a more sporty package. I anticipate new colors and variations for the Calibre Chronograph in the years to come, but right now these options are rather attractive. The Calibre Chronograph isn't a perfect design, but it is very nice. I anticipate that the price for the steel version on the bracelet will be in the vicinity of ,000. The Cartier Calibre Chronograph will officially debut at SIHH 2013, after which I can share a hands-on experience with you.